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Hey guys
My name is Abbey and I'm 16 years old.
I love The Vampire Diaries, Friends, Once Upon A Time, Pretty Little Liars, Beauty and the Beast, Twilight and a variety of great books,

"I think if you asked Emma at the end of last year ‘how do you feel about your parents having a baby?’ she would say, ‘that’s fantastic.’ But then you’re like… ‘well, why would I be jealous? Why would I care?’ But then seeing your mom get to cradle a baby and give them all the things that you didn’t have, it starts bring up things that you never thought were inside yourself. We all have thoughts and feelings and emotions that we aren’t aware of until something triggers them."
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Lol I knew it. They switched at the last second. It was too easy for them to win halfway into the season

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Also what happened to Mulan being a part of the merry men? Like aurora and Phillip are there but no Mulan and no explanation? Poor fucking writing.

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WHERE IS THE APPRECIATION FOR THE FAIRY TALE CHARACTER GRANNY?! Shes not fragile like the tale but instead she walks around with a fucking crossbow. I aim to be her when I am a grandmother

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OUAT writers:No, we can't have our love couples go on happy, uninterrupted dates, that would be boring.
Outlander writers:Here, have an entire episode that basically just consists of one wedding night.
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"As we say, this is the most expensive fan fiction ever."
Eddy Kitsis. Pretty sure this is one of the most accurate things he’s ever said. xD (via awanderingscholar)
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Intervista a Horowitz e Kitsis: Il Mondo di Storybrooke Parte II


Intervista a Horowitz e Kitsis: Il Mondo di Storybrooke Parte II

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